Monday, August 06, 2007

Daysies and Dad

My Dad visits so rarely that it is always a mad rush to do as many things with him as we can before he leaves town. For starters, that meant attending the Seven Daysies party Friday night which involved many introductions, tasty food and lots of chit chat.

I was working/videoing the party so the best part for me was the post-party party at Matt and Diane's compound. They both looked lovely in white - they are such Rock Stars. Diane was full o' sass and Matt was full o' bling. I love their funky style, plethora of cats and art-filled walls. If it weren't for my new/old house, I would be petitioning to live in their compound.

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming in mad waves, filming mud volleyball, driving through colorful VT countryside, eating lots of tasty Italian sauces and guzzling wine a'plenty.

Thanks for coming to Vermont Harvey. I think we both need a vacation from your vacation here!

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