Monday, August 20, 2007

GiGi and My Money Pit

The thing about home remodeling is, well, it sucks. Yep. No really, it is ok, except for the random piles of rubble and mounting piles of bills.

I did not even realize I was "remodeling" until the word started coming up with the many contractors that tromp through my house regularly these days.

So many people advised me not to buy my house because it is old and would need work.

"Buy a condo," they kindly smiled. "This house is going to need a lot of help."

The term "money pit" was thrown around so often that I nicknamed the house "mon petite moola pit."

And what did I do? Did I heed their sage advice? Of course not! I laughed in their faces with impish glee and wild abandon! The simple fact that I felt "right" standing in the kitchen and my fate was sealed.

Oh well, at least me and my house centipede GiGi get along. She still lives in my bathtub and I have warned the contractors not to harm her cause she might bite back. In fact, Bruce and David even like her although she does not appreciate their blow torches and the frequency with which they set off the smoke alarms. Awww, friends...


Wild West said...

My wife and i had a money pit in Kansas City. When we finished renovating we sold it and moved to Tx. Who would have thought someone would be silly enough to pay over a hundred grand for an 800 sqft ranch? Apparently quite a few. Anyway, good luck to you and Gigi.
Remember, arson is ALWAYS an option or as I like to say RAIAAO.


digibudi said...

Oh, I love Gigi. She's quite a lady and quite elegant in this picture. I have a spider under my bed, very long legs and tiny body. I call her Spinolla. Cause 'Spin' means spider in Dutch.

Q_Monroe said...

RIP Gigi.