Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Love the LeMays and the Daysies

The leggy LeMay ladies were hoofing around the Seven Daysies Friday in matching flower gowns and they managed to score pics with all the hottest attendees except my new hero, Mr Tom Messner!

When these dames were through, there was no booze left in the place and all the snap and pizazz had left the building.

Love you LeMays! Like a stunned baby bird loves a thundering herd of wildebeests!

Check out their excellent Daysies pics at their blog - you will even see yours truly in her videographer grin...sigh, my hair will never be as BIG as theirs...

I am editing my own Daysies video as we speak...and did I ever mention that I won the runner up non-political blog award? The eminent Bill Simmon of Candleblog being the far more popular first place winner.

I would like to take this moment to thank the 5 people who bothered to vote for me - you are my new best friends.

It is particularly odd because my blog is more of a vlog which we do not have a category for yet as Cathy fears there is not enough proper competition - my point exactly! Bring on the vlog Daysie!


la-la-lani said...

I voted for you as the Vermonter I'd most like to see nekkid. Really, I did. How's that for showing the love??? (I also voted for your blog.)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

HAW! You rule LAni! I feel the love! ;)

Thank god it was Rusty and not me nekked on the 7Days cover - I do not think I could handle that kind of, erm, exposure!

la-la-lani said...

Darling, you're no shirking violet -- gave us plenty of skin in SpielPalast. I'm going to launch a Nekkid Eva campaign for the next Daysies, so you'd better get ready.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

I do not know what you mean dahlink - that was my evil twin sister Vaurienne who bared flesh in Speilpalast - she is shameless! ;)