Sunday, August 12, 2007

DBC17 Plays on VCAM

DBC17, August 2005
VCAM, Channel 15
Fridays @ 11:30PM
Sundays @ 9PM
Playing for the month of August

Hopefully The Deadbeat Club, the cable access show I have been making for three years with my family is not dead, just snoozing.

It is the summer after all so it makes sense that we should be in re-runs. Still, it has been a while since I managed to find the time to make a new episode which worries me. Now that my job is making videos for a living (yes, I still pinch myself when I say that in case I have to wake up), it's hard to justify more time spent in front of a computer screen.

But there have been some talks amongst the deadbeats of another show so hopefully I can scrounge together the editing time. After all these years, making the show is a sort of family tradition.

Meanwhile, it is fun watching the re-runs. This month is an episode from 2 years ago. There is a countdown of Dizzy Dames plus a montage I am super fond of - hmmm, I wonder why!? Plus some new kitten madness, a dance number I did with Amy and some celeb trash news.

Howl of Howl's Moving Castle is our babe of the month. That's right, a cartoon character based on a novel character. Could we BE any more nerdy??!?! Oh and on a special note, the Howl montage might give you a seizure!

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