Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bugs, Birthdays and Butterflies

This bug is inhabiting my new bathtub. He is over an inch long and has many legs. I think the activity in the basement (asbestos removal) has forced him from his dank abode. This bug and I will have to do some serious negotiating because I love baths.

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. The morning was dark and stormy but soon the sun was poking through the clouds.

Suzanne brought sushi and a cake. Molly brought a baseball bat and a swell card. My family brought themselves and good times.

I wish the mini-break would never end. Having no internet access, cell reception or DVD burners felt awfully good. Me and Harry Potty got real close.

I soaked up as much atmosphere (see pics here) as I could and then...POP...back to reality....and big scary bugs.

Still, there are nice butterflies who follow me down shady wooded paths so I guess it'll work out in the end...


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday eva.
It sounds like your just as reflective as I am
It been june since I turned 34 in june and its pretty cool
heres to many more

Undead Molly said...

That is definitely a house centipede. Here's the skinny, Minnie:

Good: They are insectivores. They eat spiders, silverfish, termites, cock-a-roaches, and other bugs you might not want living in your house.

Bad: They do bite, though that is rare and only if harassed.. like if accidentally sit on it or something. The bite is like a mild bee sting or bad mosquito bite.

DIY: The best way to eliminate individuals is with a vacuum cleaner or to quickly freeze them with canned air for disposal.

Trivia: In Japan they are called gejigeji and are sold in pet stores!

Junk Thief said...

Happy belated birthday, Eva. Glad to see that you're still able to weave some nature in with all of your cyber/video life!

Q_Monroe said...

what a fun birthday! i'm so glad that's your tradition -- cuz thatmeans i get to go there at least once a year and eat half a cake -- ooh boy.

coming boating this weekend?

Wild west said...

You could use a fire extinguisher on the centipede if you REALLY want to get your point across. Insects don't understand subtlety at all.

I like cake and sushi.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

thanks for the bday wishes you tons of fishes!

gejigeji and me are the best of pals - i would never freeze can my best mate? my house pet!! my GiGi! but we will need to talk once it comes time to bathe....

i could live happily on nothing but cake and sushi for the rest of my days. so could GiGi.

Jeff said...

Happy Belated Birthday Eva & Good Luck with your house, job, and the no smoking thing. You certainly keep busy... seems every time I look at this site there is some momentous news (like, Eva on TV). This is marked contrast to my blog which revels in the trivial...

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Thanks Jeff! If this is true, you deserve the Deadbeat Moniker more than I. I am a deadbeat fraud!

Alas, my life is quite boring and mainly centers around work. I guess that is my choice though.

Aren't you going mountain climbing in Tibet or something? Not exactly trivial!!!

la-la-lani said...

House centipedes are somewhat poisonous, and they DO bite. Don't let Max eat him... might cause kitty vomiting. (As I learned from experience with Tabitha last summer. Bleh.)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Alas, poor poisonous, biting GiGi is no longer. I found her all crumpled in on herself, her long, lovely legs all folded up. I don't know if the bathtub was lacking in food or if she moved into the tub to die majestically. Either way, I will miss her. time to get a dog! ;)

Salty Miss Jill said...


I was born one year and one day before you. Cooincidence?


digibudi said...

F*!#! I forgot your birthday! Wait a minute.. I didn't knew when it was.. phew.. (that was close)


and may your amazing wishes come true..