Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ovens, Tubs, Weeds, Drills and Pipes


The good news is, there are brand new copper pipes running all over my new house. And the 1100 pound asbestos-filled steam boiler has been replaced with a 99% energy efficient boiler. And the ancient oil tank and the 60 lbs of oil festering inside it are gone, baby gone.

The bad news is the "junk tree" is my backyard is making a hideous screeching noise and my mother thinks it is about to fall over. Does it plan on hitting my house on its suicide mission?

The good news is I managed to overcome my hatred of cleaning long enough to scrub out the oven and tub. And one bath later, I can safely say that I love my over-sized tub.

The bad news is that the tomato plants didn't survive the summer but the parsley is flourishing.

On the up side, I am in love with my new drill. I wish I could use it all day long and drill screws all over the house. It feels so satisfying to adhere things permanently to the wall.

Down side being that I will be house-poor for the next 30 years of my life - no new shoes for a long, long time. Thank god for my big, big tub and old-fashioned radiators which will keep me warm through the lean years.


Junk Thief said...

Ew, junk trees. Even Junk Thief doesn't like them. I had to get rid of one last year. As a confirmed tree hugger, that wasn't easy. But it's worth the expense. Welcome to the world of home ownership.

Q_Monroe said...

ups and downs. such is life. thank goodness for wine and good friends.


digibudi said...

What's a junk tree?
I like the way you wrote about your house. Does it have a name? I live in a flat, which I quite like, but I miss a garden, especially in the morning. But hey, we've got a big park and the beach here, musn't complain.