Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wear Undead Molly

Undead Molly
can do it all. She blogs, draws intricate and thoughtful cards, is kind to animals and bugs alike, helps people whether they are nice or not, writes letters to the editor, gets gussied up all purty, kills zombies on a regular basis AND she is now gracing a t-shirt!

That's right, she is SO special (duh) that she now has her very own t-shirt (above) so everyone can wear a little piece of Molly as they go about their mundane day awaiting the BIG zombie invasion.

And let me tell you, a little bit of Molly goes a long way. Molly is the sort of special person who brings over a crowbar, machete, sparklers, Bud Light and green beans to brighten up your mood and fill up your new house with good vibes.

Buy your Molly t-shirt soon and if you are smart, decorate it with blood splatters to attest to your zombie killing abilities.


Wild West said...

Do you have a webcast of the DBC on VCAM? I want to use more acronyms ASAP. TTFN.
Wild West (from Jim Rage)

p.s. FYI that is the longest damn verification code in the whole wide world

Eva the Deadbeat said...

OMG! YHGTBKM! Jim Rage of the Wild West, I thank you heartily for this magnificent work of chest art - being able to wear Molly kicking some zombie ass is just so very special!

Sadly, the DBC got kicked off YouTube for copyright infringement (AS IF!) and I have been too lazy to put it anywhere else. I'll send you some DVDs though!

PS I hate verification codes - I am a computer, I give.

Wild West said...

It was the Mad Hatter that created that WOA for Molly. Hell, I'm just happy to ride his coat tails.

Wild West

Undead Molly said...

I don't help people who aren't nice! What are you talking about?

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Haw! I let out your secret! Naw, you are right, you brain 'em with a big baseball bat or car...!

James Gandhi Rage said...

Why hello hello. This is Chico (The Mad Hatter) from Jim Rage's Elite Zombie Hunting Squad. I'm very pleased to see the enjoyment you (plural) have gotten from this t-shirt design. Usually everything I do gets viewed by my small group of friends and then forgotten so it's nice to see someone else getting in on the fun.

My ol' buddy from Texas (Steve "Wild West" Winfrey) sent me over this way and I'm impressed with all the things I can click on and look at. I watched a few tidbits you have from your shows on the show's website and I am pleased by that as well. I saw the B-52's a few years back in Brockton and it was incredible. They had so many party lights. It's also a downright crime they kicked you off youtube for copyright infringement. That's half of what Youtube is and the other half is pet videos. Hell I infringe on something every time I post something on my youtube account. Downright shame I tell you.

Anyhow you living in Burlington and all should try tracking down Drew "The Tough Noun" Peberdy. He's one glossy magazine of a guy. I may also be up in Burlington on October 6th to play a gig for Tick Tick in my band "Real Life Time Machines" ( We're playing with this band from New Jersey "We Are The Seahorses" ( which I think you might really enjoy. It's a spectacle beyond spectacle.

I've drawn this out far to long. So to spare you anymore ranting I'll leave to your cozy internet, but keep in touch and keep up the good work.

The Mad Hatter

Thank You For Your Time
Chico Suavé

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Dear MAd HAtter,

I thank YOU kindly for this most awesome tee. Molly needs to be commemorated in more places, I have often thought this. Your artistry is most appreciated.

Yes, I agree that infringing on copyright seems to be the YouTube norm but I advise you to NEVER EVER infringe on anything that involves Judy Garland or the Kids in the Hall -if you do, they will hunt you down and string yer ass up. Or at least, that is what they did to little old me. Ah well.

Gimme a holler if you guys play out in these parts. You are sure to have a crowd of glossy magazine people to cheer you on and maybe even some zombies as well...