Monday, August 06, 2007

Fun for Butts!

In case you are not MySpace "friends" with Good Vibrations, read further. Apparently, August, in addition to being my birthday month, is also ANAL SEX MONTH! Hurrah! Below is an urgent MySpace butt bulletin from Good Vibrations...

Good Vibrations

We LOVE the butt!

Anal sex is much more than just anal intercourse.
People use their fingers, mouths and hands during anal-play, not to mention toys ranging from plugs to dildos to anal beads. It's a pleasure we can all enjoy regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

"The great thing about asses is that everyone's got one!"

Celebrate anal health and pleasure with 15 - 25% off hot and educational anal plugs, dildos, vibrators, books, dvds, lube, and other ingredients for happy and healthy anal exploration.

This sale is happening throughout August online at, and at our Berkeley, San Francisco, and Brookline store locations.

Get YOUR butt new gear!


Anonymous said...

oh eva,
thats what i love anout your blog you can go from Mister toad to your dad to anal sex all in a matter of days. Cant wait to see what you pull out next
take care

Q_Monroe said...

hm. did you know that good vibrations is very nepotistic? did you tell me that?