Friday, August 03, 2007

Toad's Wild Summer

Too busy to blog much these days. Lots of editing, carrying of boxes, wiping the sweat from my soggy brow and collapsing from the heat.

My electricians cut a hole in my living room wall this week. It was exciting and scary to see the insulation spill out. This is the beginning of a long month of renovations. It will be odd having strangers tromping through my new home and cutting holes in things.

The baby birds next door are so HUNGRY! They can never get enough food. To quote Undead Molly who has a way with animals, sort of a female Beastmaster if you will,

I think they must be getting ready to leave the nest because their food is getting to be more solid. It used to be all regurge (much like the television these days) and now it is thicker and less barfy. Yum, whole worms ALL for me!

I showed the babies to the electricians as though I was the proud parent dangling the earthworm. John is an Irish step dancer and his dog Squidgey came over to hang out. He is the first dog that's visited my house! Oooh boy, I can't wait to get a dog! Instead of looking for one, I am gonna wait until the right dog finds me. I know he or she will. I just know it.

Carey LIKES The Pig Room - AKA The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Room aptly named by Molly. No doubt I will think of this name late at night when I am creeping around my house in the dark and wetting myself in fear. Most people just shudder when they see it and ask when I am ripping it down. It is growing on me, like a wild swine fungus.

Daysies tomorrow night! My dad is in town, time to hit up bookstores! Lock up your books Burlington residents! YIPS!

Below is another video I made with my summer camp kids. It is a shortened version of a 1/2 hr documentary we shot. This is the grand finale when they walk the red carpet and we hoot and holler. w00t!

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