Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tortured Artists in Houston

Oh boy! YouTube strikes again! My Tortured Artist 101 vids (Part One, Part Two) are going to play at a Tortured Artists gala in Houston in a couple of weeks. I am trying to figure out how I can get there so I can see my friend Keith in Austin, revel in the Texas warmth and wallow with the other irony-soaked tortured artists. What a dream come true!

Check out this awesome theater group who is putting on the shin dig, Infernal Bridgegroom Productions whom I met, where else, in the crowded halls of YouTube (this is their YT channel):

In 1993 Infernal Bridegroom Productions (IBP) was born from the seamy, punk-rock underbelly of Houston, Texas, as a way to make theatrical art unlike any other. And so art was made – in borrowed theaters, abandoned shopping centers and moving buses – and quickly the diverse, disparate, driven artists who made the provocative plays realized the commonality of their vision and formed a company. Today, the IBP company includes Houston's most idiosyncratic, fearless actors; mind-blowingly mental designers; intrepid, smart, shout-out-cool directors; and obsessive creatives of all stripes.

And just listen to their super cool promises, god, I love them already:

We promise never to make you sit through some lame-ass “good for you” play, or spoon feed you “important” theater like a high fiber cereal.

We promise to develop powerful original work.

We promise to let you bring your beer inside the theater.


THoog said...

I always thought Hell would be my grandfather and uncle telling me how computers work again and again and again...

Tortured artists think they've got it bad - try being a tortured Network SysAdmin! (wanted to be artistic, but nooooooo)

(Just discovered DBC a couple weeks ago - great stuff! Love it!)


Eva the Deadbeat said...

that DOES sound like HELL! please, i will start being good if you promise i do NOT end up there, egads! ;)


THoog said...

Wuhoo, another Soul scared to the Good Side! At this rate, I'll only have to listen to my relatives for a few million years! :-)

Neither of them ever owned or even touched a computer, which made them experts on the subject...

-Todd the Tortured Computer Geek (all the angst, without the artistry)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Nooooo! too scary! an eternity of ill-advised computer lectures! nooooo!!!

it is good to know there is angst outside of the tortured artist realm. i am sure there are angst-ridden chefs, gardeners, brick layers and what have yous!! ;)

THoog said...

Well, Expressionist Bricklaying never really caught on, due to the practice of hurling the angst-laden bricks into the wet mortar, instead of stacking them neatly in an orderly fashion.

Okay, I am making this up. It sounds right, tho' :-) -TtTGC