Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter in the Blogosphere

Part of the fun of having a blog is reading other people's blogs. And every blogger loves to blog a juicy holiday. The trick is to try to blog it in a new and exciting way so you are not just posting pictures of your Easter basket, although that can be nice as well. Here is a sampling of some uber cool blogs and their varied takes on Easter:

The Junk Thief in San Francisco walks down Easter memory lane

Jahsonic talks Easter history - are those really his adorable blonde kids??
Undead Molly talks Jesus, rabbits, zombies and Easter history
Steve tries to go to Staples and puts a pancake on a bunny rabbit's head
Baby Donovan, son of Adam and Eve (I kid you not) is sooo cute!
Jesus = Tom Delay?

From a far off Nikolaas:
Here in Belgium we call Easter 'Pasen', en Easter-eggs are 'Paas-eieren'. The Easter Bunny we call 'Paashaas'.

Tonci, what is Easter like in Croatia?! I am waiting with baited breath to see what Lesh, Nikolaas and Baby Ivo did Easter Weekend. Oh blogosphere, how I love thee, let me count the ways, erhm, I mean eggs...


tonci said...

i know croatia sounds exotic to you, but it really isn't. we're pretty taditional, i colored the eggs the day before, went to the church for a confession (that was pretty horrible), tried not to pick a fight with my family, bit my tongue every time i wanted to swear, ate A LOT of chocolate bunnies - i usually take the head of first and i try to be quick about it (childhood trauma - poor bunny!), went to the country with my family to see my grandparents and that's about it.

p.s. have you seen the movie ''saddest music in the world'' by guy maddin? i saw it today, it's really terrific. if you haven't seen it, you really should. i've just started downloading pretty poison, looks promising.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Confession sounds exotic to me, I've never done it but I saw it in the movies so I feel like I've done it! I like to eat the bunny heads first too.

I guess Easter is pretty similar all over the world. We never really celebrated any holidays when I was a kid so I had to remind my mother to get me candy and she never really put her back into it - ah well, at least I could swear!

I have always wanted to see "Saddest Music in the World." Isabella R is sooo pretty! Last night I watched the mini-series version of Tess of the Dubervilles - so sad and pretty.

You should start a blog Tonci! Hi to Bobo!

Junk Thief said...

As a huge fan of the entire Guy Maddin body of work, I strongly recommend "Saddest Music." I think the photo of Ms. Deadbeat in the blonde wig around the holidays came close to making me think it was Isabella as the baronness -- of course without the glass legs filled with beer. (That's actually a key element in the film to give you an idea of just how otherworld it is; you'll think think David Lynch is Gary Marshall after checking it out!)

tonci said...

guy maddin rules!!!! i was just thinking the same thing about eva looking exactly like isabella after watching the movie. spitting image :)

so anyway, i was thinking about this whole blog thing and i think i might start my own. someday.
but my english isn't that good so i could never write something the way you do.
i suppose i can always write about movies, music, the '60s!, weirdos that come to the hotel, bobo of course and whatever i find amusing at the moment (britney spears, andy warhol stars, madonna's sex book, the weird-ass dream i had the other night etc.)

what do you think?? have any suggestions? IF i do start a blog, it wouldn't be before july because have so many things going on right now i just couldn't manage a blog. it seems like such a commitment somehow.

tonci said...

p.s. i hope you meant CHOCOLATE bunny heads!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

chocolate bunny heads, is there such a thing? heeheheheheh.

YES! You should totally start a blog Tonci! It is only as big a time committment as you want it to be and it is a great way to write on a regular basis and connect with other bloggers all over the world (like me!). i think all your suggested topics sound great and tons of people would want to know what your life is like in Split. So come summer, get blogging and gimme a holler when it is is up or if you have tech questions!

ear scratch to Bobo! xox e

PS many thanks for the Isabella compliment but i must say that in person, alas, i look nothng like that sultry Aphrodite...still, thanks!!!

Jan said...

Yes - they are - and thank you - very much.