Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Infidel is Inside

Barefoot and feather-clad cellists, Rasputina played at Higher Ground last night to a crowd of corset-encased lovelies. Their performance was haunting and earthy (I think their drummer may be some sort of Norse God) and, of course, they rocked "Barracuda."

I accidentally took a flash photo of the band - D'OH - and blogger Undead Molly saw me do it and was kind enough to overlook my gauche move, phew!:

P.S. Local blogger spotting: I think I saw this person accidentally take a flash picture of the band. But she instantly looked so completely and adorably aghast that all was forgiven (by me).


Q_Monroe said...

thank goodness you are so adorable. wouldn't want your blogger spy camera to be confiscated. i wonder if mirabelle's has any rules about photographing their desserts. better be careful where you are snapping ms. deadbeat.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

heheheehehhe, they will never take my camera while i am breathing! ;)

i asked about photographing the desserts at Mirabelle's and they were like, "uh....i" what if some where out there in the blog world, there is a dessert stealer who is copying all their sugary goodness and using the cakes and sweets FOR EVIL! NOOOO!!!! lordy, the snow is making me slap happy!!!