Monday, April 02, 2007

Strolling at the Intervale

Saturday was the last day that we went to Troy (sniffle). But it was too sunny to spend the day editing inside so I met up with a friend for a jaunt at the Intervale. I have to admit, I have never been to the Intervale before, in fact, I did not even know where it was until Saturday (yes, I am an idiot, thanks for asking).

There was sun galore and the paths were empty. It is so nice to find a new place to go walking - especially one that is so nearby. Burlington continues to amaze me. The birds were out in full force and their cries were almost ear splitting (needless to say, I whistled back). We walked along the river bank and our boots got many healthy coatings of mud.

It is one of the many privileges of Vermont residents that we can walk out our doors and be in total wilderness in 10 minutes flat. Not bad at all.

That was one of the many reasons why I left Oakland. It took me 15 minutes to be in complete wilderness and that was only in a cemetery. In the days before I found that cemetery/solace, I was pretty much screwed and suffocating in a cement island.

The trees are not budding yet but life is popping up all over the place. Little swatches of green grass poking through the remnants of snow and gasping for breath. The air smelled almost sterile, as though waiting for the pungent fragrance of spring.

Now that I know where the Intervale is, you can bet I'll be taking many more strolls there and exploring their complex network of paths. I can't wait to see what happens as spring rolls into full swing and the place busts out with green and color! Now if only I had a dog for company...


Q_Monroe said...

a dog might be nice, but lemme warn you, their feet get muddy and they also eat gross things like cat poop and horse poop and keep you up all night puking and pooping blood and then you have to bring them to the emergency vet and spend $700 on IV drips, overnight services, x-rays, and blood tests. just saying...

rockergirrl said...

I'm glad you found the intervale. It is a great place and the organic fruits and veggies that comes out of there in the summer is the best.

So I didn't know you were an Oakland girl. I lived in SF for a long time. Met and married my husband out there. Do you know the band the Heavenly States (used to be Fluke Starbucker) by any chance?

Eva the Deadbeat said...

EGADS! Eating cat and horse poop!? Puking and pooping blood??! OK, i may need to rethink this dog thing... ;)

I can't wait for summer, now that I know where the Intervale is, i am gonna haunt it and eat up a lot of their fruits and veggies (which I know they also sell on Church St)! YUM!!

Those bands sound super cool Kacey! I wanna hear 'em!

la-la-lani said...

Sounds like you speak from experience, Suz. Not that you're bitter or anything.

Eva, for yummy goodness RIGHT NOW, check out Sugar Snap, right at the edge of the Intervale (Riverside Drive by Cumby's). They make delicious meals out of Intervale produce -- somehow stored and saved through the winter. Their squash ginger soup is not to be missed.