Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Peaster

Hmmm...why the photos of Jesus and Satan getting along swimmingly in the Castro on Halloween you ask? Well, I am just too lazy to upload pics off my camera, so this is what you get when you do a google image search for "bunny."

This is just a wee post to say Happy Easter, Happy Passover or Happy Peaster as the case may be. I am still chock full of candy, matzo balls, key lime pie and kugel - mmmmm!!! Thanks Kate and Kate's parents! Tasty wine, plentiful food, well-travelled conversation and the singing of a Brooklyn school alma mater - what more could you ask for?! Maybe a sizzling game of international spying which I lost all too quickly. Curses! I let down my Russian compatriots!

Right now I should be doing my taxes but instead, am relishing the fact that we travelled all the way to Norwich and Charlotte Vermont yesterday (cleaned the moss off my feet) and that today big fatty, slow-mo snowflakes made downtown Burlington look like a fairytale (or maybe that was just the mimosa in my tummy?). Oh, and also Sarah, my SF BFF, called me from an Easter brunch in NYC to say that she was sitting next to Stephen Colbert and his family (!?). WOW - that is way cooler than a pole dancing Easter bunny!

Life is good. Even if the buds are getting a rude awakening at the moment. Spring will come eventually, it is bound to. Oh, and check out my sister's movie review (below). And a Happy Peaster to all the scantily-clad, stripping Easter bunnies, and Jesus and Satan too!


debeuf nikolaas said...

Happy Peaster to you too!!! I love that picture of Jesus and Satan.. Wouldn't it be cool that they were making out? :) I believe they do.
Here in Belgium we call Easter 'Pasen', en Easter-eggs are 'Paas-eieren'. The Easter Bunny we call 'Paashaas'. Lol, the picture of the 'parking-meter-pole-dancing-bunny-girl' is just hilarious! :) She really is living her moment there isn't she? She looks a wee bit wasted, but that adds to the craziness of the picture. I love it!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Nikolaas! what time is it in Belgium right now?? Here it is afternoon and I am editing!

Happy Pasen to you! Doesn't Satan look like John Travolta?! For sure Satan and Jesus were making out - probably before and after this pic was taken. Have you ever been to Halloween in the Castro? It is mad and a little scary.

I hope you found lots of magical paas-eieren and perhaps even saw the Paashaas!? What is Pasen like in Belgium?!

PS I am so excited for you to buy your sewing machine! And post some pics of your haircut, eh!?

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