Monday, April 30, 2007

Rainy Party Weekend

This weekend I had many things to edit but instead, I found myself traipsing to an art opening at SPA in Barre, attending parties at Pamela's and Laura's houses and rocking a show at Parima.

I managed to get a little bit of work done as well and even managed to solve a technical problem that has been haunting me....mohawhawhaw!

It is so much fun to snoop around other people's houses. Pamela has a lovely home with a sort of '50's, uber-hip, nick nacky, classy Pottery Barn sort of a vibe. Laura's home was also beautiful with a '20's, draped-curtains, gilt-mirrors, glamorous, walk-back-in-time look.

Both parties had a very different mix of people, most of whom crammed into their retrospective kitchens. What is it about kitchen's that draws people to them? What is so intimidating about a living room or a back porch?

I pigged out on tasty snacks at Pamela's and drank some hearty red wine at Laura's, then headed to Parima to bop about to the bubbly sounds of The Icicles and The Smittens. It is so nice to dance to live music and shake your dusty tail feather.

It may have been rainy outside but that did not stop the girls (Brookezilla and Alison and The Icicles who were wearing homemade outfits) from wearing cute summer dresses and smart high heels. Awww.

And what was the last song The Smittens played? "I Hate Vermont" and the crowd cheered because even on dismal spring weekends like this one, most of us love Vermont very much. The magnolias are blooming!

Oh, and I have a new nickname (thanks Mathew, my new economist - he is gonna crunch the #s and make "it" happen for me), "The EL." I am not sure what it means but I'll take it.


digibudi said...

The EL .. sounds like a secret spy in a film noir.. and she's a woman, who always wears different wigs on each different spy-investigation she takes on.. The EL, is much more than a nickname, Eva, it's a lifestyle I think.. :)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

oooh, but can i live up to this lifestyle? am i worthy of it? i will try...i do have a water pistol, fake money and a large collection of white gloves....

Q_Monroe said...

Fri at SPA was fun, and dinner at Sean & Nora's was even more fun! Thanks for the outing!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

SPA was lovely, it seems like we went very very far away, to another dimension called...Barre....hmmmmm ;)

Phoebe said...

hi Eva!
Thanks for the name check. But most of all, thank you for spelling Alison correctly. I love it!