Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Hero Cycle Rocks WRUV

I have long heard tales about WRUV's Wednesday night show, "Exposure" (90.1FM, Wednesdays 8-10pm) and finally got the chance to check it out for myself last night. Walking across the UVM campus in the warm-ish weather, I got one of those surges of happiness that only spring and college campuses can inspire.

I rode my bike downtown earlier in the day and felt rusty and out of shape but glad to finally be out of doors. It looks like Spring is finally, knock on wood, almost, sort!

The Hero Cycle (MySpace) drove up in a green van nicknamed "The Cage" which is outfitted with lots of Mad Max style mesh grating to keep their equipment safe whilst they are on tour. Sadly, it didn't do the trick and on their last tour they got their GPS ripped off (it has since been replaced with a handy dandy compass).

The Hero Cycle is effervescent indie rock at its finest and their new album, Lakes and Ponds has an Australian distributor which is sure to get them the exposure (no pun intended) that they deserve. 6 guys and 1 girl will be hitting the road this summer, crammed into The Cage along with all their all equipment (I still don't believe this is possible) - they sleep sitting up with pillows on their laps. You should definitely check 'em out if they come to your town (or get proactive and book them in your town).

Jeremy and Scottum are the masterminds behind Exposure, a show which brings local bands live to your airwaves. Exposure is a labor of love and Jeremy and Scottum obviously dig what they are doing despite how exhausting it can be at times. Wednesday was particularly rough - cramming 7 band members into a tiny cord-covered room and using every single one of the available 16 tracks to make 'em sound awesome.

The WRUV space is currently in Billings basement and is distressed in the best sort of way with every inch of space covered with a sticker, a poster or graffiti. The walls are lined with hundreds of albums and CDs which are carefully labeled by genre. It's a well-lived in and well-loved space and I hope the magic isn't lost when they move to the new building.

Once all the sound checks were finished, The Hero Cycle exploded into 2 sets of delicious bubbly music. It felt like being in a club, a very private club with two empty fluorescent lit corridors on either side of you. As Scottum said, "It is like having bands come and serenade you."

When Jeremy was interviewing the band on air, he asked them about their lives and their day jobs. They all agreed that you have to love what you do since the pay is usually non-existent (I can relate) and that they think of their time playing together as a vacation. The best kind of vacation with long nights, sweaty, claustrophobic van drives and hours of setting up and breaking down equipment.

Last night was one of those shows that reaffirmed why I love making Stuck in Vermont and the core of what the vlog is about (which seems to organically be evolving over time). At its heart, Stuck in VT is about people who obsessively love what they do - usually without monetary gain. People who are fixated and hard-working and have a clear vision of what they are making/creating.

In a world where so many people are depressed, aimless and addicted to TV - it is refreshing to find motivated people who have found that secret happiness button and are pushing it repeatedly. I guess that is what Stuck in Vermont does for me. Like the very best kind of morphine drip - push, push, ahhhhh.

Exposure and The Hero Cycle will be Stuck in Vermont next week on Tuesday. Check it out! In the meantime, listen to the 4/18/07 Exposure show of The Hero Cycle here! Read Casey Rea's most awesome article about Exposure here! PS Thanks to Jeremy and Scottum for letting me visit and to The Hero Cycle for rocking us out (and for the t-shirt which I am wearing right now!).


Junk Thief said...

Good to know that campus radio lives on.

Great new groovy Deadbeat Club banner! Makes me think of the opening of some great Saturday a.m. kid's show

the hero cycle said...

thanks eva !!

Q_Monroe said...

cool. can't wait to see it. sorry i bailed on the sunny spring walk yesterday. i needed me some yoga.

love the new banner too. but i liked the saying. can you fit that in too?

Eva the Deadbeat said...

thanks guys! will try, not too savvy with the html crappola... said...

Thank you for the nice stuffs here.........