Thursday, April 05, 2007

HOT ART Friday Night

Psst, hey you. Yeah YOU! Whachoo doing tomorrow night, eh? Going to an art opening? Going to two perhaps? That's what I thought you said. For a little town, we got a hell of a lot going on.

Tomorrow night you can see the art of Clark Derbes (he with the colorful art and infectious laugh who you may recall from this week's Stuck in Vermont) at the Pursuit Gallery and D.H.Phillips at JDK's Sanctuary Artsite.

All this AND it is the First Friday Art Walk so many artists will be opening their doors wide to visitors tomorrow. Zowie!

Sure, we may have snowstorms in April (Last night was crazy! Why didn't I take any pictures?!) but we got a sizzling HOT art scene with two Southerners opening up art exhibits tomorrow. Stop and bye and say hey y'all.

PS On another note, tomorrow I get to go to a tea party at Barnes Elementary! Perhaps while there I will make a plea to be accepted back into the 2nd Grade cause they really seem to have it made! Field trips, tea parties, dancing, singing, mobiles, abstract art, quiet time, reading aloud - sigh, sign me up! ;D

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