Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jackass for Girls

"Cause it ain't fair that just boys getta be mental cause us girls are mental too, innit it!" - 3 Girls in a Boat

Man, could I love these British comedians, 3 Girls in a Boat, anymore than I already do? They just get better and better with every skit they post to YouTube. Their timing is impeccable, their acting is smooth, their accents are charming and their writing is edgy and cutting. If only our American sitcoms had 10% of their spunk and charm. Sigh.

Below is their parody of Jackass, a TV show I find particularly dull and repetitive. In these two episodes of Jackie Ass, Charity and Anne Marie's wild and crazy stunts are; going outside of the house without wearing make-up (see video below) and putting three sugars in your tea (video here). AHHH, NO YOU DIDN'T!

I look forward to future episodes in which the girls stunts may include entering a shopping mall WITHOUT spending any money, telling a random stranger about their menstrual flow and devouring a pint of ice cream on a first date. Shocking! What will these mad mental girls think of next!?

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