Monday, November 06, 2006

Cool VT Blog

I have been digging Jeff's Vermont blog Midnight Modern Conversation for some time now. He is a super cool outdoorsy guy and goes on lots of healthy hikes and takes neat pictures along the way.

Definitely check out his flickr stream for a great taste of Vermont. Jeff likes to take pictures of butterflies, mushrooms, the moon, old train cars, etc. but is branching out these days into other areas. His cyclist photos were recently featured in the Free Press (link) and his beautiful butterfly pic, above, recently got some love on flickr.

In Jeff's words:

"I don't anticipate that this blog will have a wide audience. It is really just a writing exercise that I should have probably kept to myself. It will try and adopt a post-consumerist, post-carbon sentiment without being too dour and depressing. "

Sigh, the plight of all bloggers. Seems to me that blogging is basically a lot of people doing writing exercises better kept to themselves but shared none-the-less. Still, there is nothing better than pictures of butterflies and bugs to counteract this modern day depressing state of affairs. Oh, and modern midnight conversations never hurt either!

PS And Jeff, if you read this, thanks for the mini bottle of champagne. I drank it while watching my new episode and it hit the spot! ;)


Jeff said...

Thanks for the post Eva my blog is a very pale shadow of the opus that you've got running here... but I'm glad you liked the champagne (which was something I thought of way back when I first saw your show). Jeff

Eva the Deadbeat said...

pft! pale shadow my eye! you got a good thing going and i wouldn't even begin to know how to take a picture of a butterfly! the bubbly was fab so many thanks! always helps to have a carrot to work toward since every episode just about kills me!