Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Love the Lesh

Man, you gotta, gotta, GOT TO love the Lesh. How can you not love someone who rocks a side pony, transforms thrift store dresses into skirts and attends the Big Lebowski Fest dressed as a severed toe? Yeah, say no more.

Lesh has created a blog, The Lesh Bomb, to detail her hijinx-filled adventures and was kind enough to feature MOI (ooh, head ready to burst from so much yummy attention). It is my best review yet, especially as it is entitled, Jackie Collins, Eat Your Heart Out...If You're Not Dead Already - see, I told you that you would love the Lesh (unless you are Jackie Collins that is...and she may be dead for all we know...?)!:

If I went to Africa, kidnapped a thousand monkeys, somehow brought them back to the states under the cover of darkness, and sat them in front of a thousand typewriters in a warehouse in the bowels of a big city...let's say St. Paul...they could not write enough to contain the brilliance of miss Eva and her brainchild, The Deadbeat Club, an hour-long show she puts together every month for Burlington's cable access station. Those monkeys probably couldn't write Shakespeare either, much less a blog like hers. Here is the second installment in the Offasty series, in which I happen to portray a drug addict who hides yogurt in her dress while rocking the side pony. - The Lesh Bomb

And did I mention that there is another Offasty in the can starring Lesh and her man Seth La Douche and the ever-fabulous Suzanne-"Who-Would-DO-Such-a-Thing?!". Coming soon to the next episode of DBC...stay tuned...


Suzanne said...

oh, i'm so inspired to restart my own blog. as soon as zee internet is installed in my new abode, i will join the likes of you!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

yeah, you and abbie gotta get up and blogging and then we can have an uber meta blog all about each others blogs - it'll be like bloggeroo heaven...! ;)