Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Art of Mix Tapes

I have wanted to do a weekly vlog for a long time now (thanks to Richard at Burlington Telecom for the idea!). Since I finally have some spare time on my hands (we love 4 day weekends!), I am playing around with different vlog formats and ideas.

Embedded below is experiment #4: a looong rant about mix tapes and how my musical tastes have been shaped by them and the people who gave them to me. Not to mention some readings from Nick Hornby's (whose name I butchered - egads, need spell checker!) High Fidelity about the art of mix tape making and its role in seduction.

If you have ever made me a mix tape, then you just might be mentioned in this video so beware! Most of the music is male but I guess that is cause most of these tapes were made by guys...hmmm...I guess the mix tape is a sort of dude thing:

Any comments are welcomed (such as, "omg, did you really stay up until 7am making this dumb ass video?"). I am still pretty unsure of what or where to go with this vloggey thingy (sort of how I feel about the bloggy thing as well!):


steve said...

I'll be like the total net kid:


That would be "too long, didn't watch."

You might want to consider breaking these into smaller, 2-3 minute bits. This one would be perfect for that, going over each tape.

And yikes, I used to make mix tapes for everyone. That was mainly because I had a cassette player in my car; now I still make myself mix CDs, but not so much for anyone else.

I used to design elaborate CD/tape covers too, and they were all called "manic pop thrills," which is also an URL I own ( I learned how to sue Quark Xpress thanks to work, so some were actually pretty elaborate. (My favorite, though, was a ripoff of an old Elvis cover, which was multiple pics of the big E; I replaced his image with a picture of some guy in too-tight shorts, black socks, and a stuffed animal in his pants. It seemed funny at the time.)

Now I want to find those sleeves. Grr.

And yeah, I mostly sent them to girls I liked and was too shy/lame to ask out. I guess the theory is that they'll listen to it and say, "Awl, he's so deep and cool; I love him!" That never worked, but a guy can still hope.

Nowadays, I just give people tunes if I'm trying to spread the word about music I like. Like The New Pornographers. Everyone should like The New Pornographers.

Eva the Deadbeat said...


hee hee, story of my life. oh well. but thanks for the feedback. so you think a bunch of bite-sized bits might be more appetizing? i know i gotta make these little buggers tighter and condense the hell outta 'em!

need an editor too - for gods sake, i mispelled Nick Hornby! ARGH! may recompress and repost just to fix that shit. Need to not be working on these things in the middle of the night when i am too bleary eyed to double check a book cover for a spelling. ;(

sounds like you made some killer mix tapes and i bet people are still enjoying 'em. i felt guilty after i made this cause there were a lot of girls who got me into music (molly got me into Quasi, Eve got me into Elliott Smith, Jen got me into Liz Phair...etc) BUT they just never made me mix tapes ('cept for my sister).

i guess the added bonus of possible sex is a great incentive for a mix tape (as with everything else out there!). and as we age, the mix tape making (as with everything else) falls by the wayside. damn, i am depressing myself!