Friday, November 03, 2006

New DBC Airs Sunday

The Deadbeat Club
November 2006
Episode 28

Premieres: Sunday, 11/5/06, 9pm
Plays: Fridays at 11:30pm and Sundays at 9pm for the month of November on Channel 15

As always, I have been slacking off this month and am behind on DBC28. You would think with 2 whole months inbetween episodes that I would manage to get this beast to VCAM on time BUT NO, it turns out that whatever my deadline is, I always manage to be a little bit late.

I fear it has something to do with a genetic propensity toward procrastination. My dad is the same way. Waiting 'till the last minute to compose a piece of music and then staying up for weeks to get the thing out the door.

Reminds me of that scene in Adaptation when Charlie Kaufman's (as played by Nic Cage) inner monologue tries to slither out of doing any work; "Maybe I should go get a cup of coffee and then write...or maybe one of those muffins, that's be good."

Anyways, if I can clamp down this weekend and all goes according to plan, then the November episode of The Deadbeat Club will air on Channel 15 Sunday at 9pm. Here is a preview of the show's contents which may or may not all be in it, depending on space:

DBC28 Contents
Apple picking at Shelburne Orchards
Mom Talks Politics
Eva and GoogTube
Granny's Goodbye
Granny's Funeral
Break Up 101
Margot and Zombies
The Offasty 3: Copy Cat
Actress Oscar Bids
Art Beat: Edward Gorey

This episode is sort of centered on death and endings. My grandmother's death and funeral in Iowa got me on a pretty moody train of thought as of late. I can't say the November show isn't dark but I think life is a wee bit dark these days so what are you going to do?! Answer: wallow in it and try to make sense of things using art!

And if you are suffering from some sort of heartbreak, this is the show for you! There are the Top 5 Best Break Ups (from films like Say Anything and Valley Girl), a list of How to Break Up in Ten Easy Steps, and the break up montage is a doozy! So if your misery loves company then tune in!

If you are in the Burlington Vermont area, we hope you can watch! If not, bits and pieces will be posted on YouTube!

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