Sunday, November 12, 2006

Deadbeats in the Free Press

Hmm, am I a YouTube fanatic? Sure, that sounds pretty accurate. I'll take it! The Sunday edition of The Burlington Free Press featured an article written by Matt Sutkoski about the weirdo Vermonters on YouTube and I was one of 'em! Yippee!

Even better, they somehow managed to pull a half decent still from The Deadbeat Club off of YouTube (where the resolution is ultra crappy) and they put it on the front page! Hello! Thanks Freeps! Nice Sunday surprise!

And as a super cool bonus, Cathy Resmer over at the fabulous 802 Online was nice enough to do a blurb about the Freeps piece. Man, too much love, my head is swelling! likes!

A YouTube fanatic

WHO: Eva Sollberger, 33, of South Burlington has posted 149 videos on YouTube and has had at least 300,000 views of the videos.

CONTENT: Many of Sollberger's videos are clips of her local cable access show "The Deadbeat Club." Sollberger says she does the show with her mother and sister. The show, and the YouTube clips, focus on pop culture.

ATTRACTION: Sollberger said her YouTube videos have put her in touch with people from all over the world. Many are fans, some are not, but she even entertains herself with the people who dislike her videos. Her videos sometimes make a communication loop. She once did a YouTube book review, and within two days, the author noted the review on his blog.

QUOTABLE: "For me, a nobody, there's no other way you can communicate like that," Sollberger said of her YouTube videos.

FIND: Most of Sollberger's videos can be found by doing a search for "Deadbeat Club."

Below is the DBC 2 year Anniversary video:


Morgan W. Brown said...

Congratulations DBC!

Next stop, SNL ...

Eva the Deadbeat said...

hee hee...move over Tina Fey...oh wait, she isn't even on SNL anymore!?...move over Rachel Dratch, oops, she's gone too...move over Amy Poller! HA HA, a girl can dream! Thanks!