Friday, November 03, 2006

TV Love

I do SO adore the British comedy duo of 3 Girls in a Boat (myspace site) which is made up of Yorkshire lasses Anne-Marie Draycott & Charity Trimm (yes, those are their real names!?). They put out some witty, articulate, edgy shit and this new sketch is right up there.

I freely admit to being a total TV addict. Thus, it never ceases to annoy me when I am telling someone about something funny I saw on TV and they look down their nose at me and reply distainfully, "I don't watch TV."

Man, that irritates me. So for all the people who share this pet peeve, this is the comedy sketch for you:

And btw, when does the show "Paris Hilton's All My Areas Open For Access" air in the States? Oh, that's right, I just have to turn on the TV and there it will be!


Greg said...

If you like Brit comedy, then take it from this expat, you will love Little Britain. Totally irrevrant with plenty of pokes at everyone from transvestites--yep British men still love dressing as women--to political correctness and the guy who lives in the council flat and pretends to be disabled. It is filled with lots of short skits and is the brain child of Matt Lucas and David Williams.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

oooh, sounds lovely. can one find this show on YouTube? will have to do some research. oooh, i love faking disabled people in council flats - reminds me of george pretending to be disabled on seinfeld to have his own bathroom - and the wheelchair race at the end?! good times!