Sunday, November 26, 2006

YouTube Milestone

Well, it only took about ten zillion years but finally, after watching the hits go one after another, one by one, day after day, I finally hit the 300,000 view mark. Somebody uncork the champagne and pour it over my zombie head! Phew.

I know, I know, this means that there are 10 people in Thailand watching the Green Day video over and over again, but who cares, I will remain blissfully ignorant and pretend it is a big deal (oh but it is to me!).

I remember the first weekend I posted vids to YouTube and was shocked (and mildly disturbed) to see a random Lindsay Lohan VS Nicole Richie paperdoll video get 800 hits in one hour. An addiction was born that day and I need my daily fix.

Oh YouTube, please never delete my account, thereby forcing me to start this hideous hit addiction from scratch and, god forbid, the NUMBER ONE...eeek!

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