Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lost Openness

Man, it is just NOT fair. Since I moved back to VT, it has been hard making close friends and when I finally did make some, they have to cut out on me and leave the state! Damn it! But I am happy for them, really I am. And even more happy that they swung back through town this weekend to give us all a much needed Abbie/Lesh fix. Too bad they can't bottle that shit cause I would become an addict fer sure!

Even better, we got to meet their new fellows, Seth and Dave who are all that they should be to deserve such fabulous ladies. It is nice to be around happy, caring couples who so obviously adore each other. Gives a girl hope.

Not being much of a bar scene person, I felt a wee bit awkward, especially since I was stone cold sober and fixated on editing my episode. The most time I ever spent in a bar was when I was bartending for 2 1/2 years and that was almost 10 years ago (man, time fucking flies!).

I learned a lot about people at that job, probably more than any other I've ever had. But I couldn't have spent all that time there if I didn't have something to do, pouring drinks kept me distracted. I was never a bar fly, hanging out in bars never appealed to me much.

Seth described the unique feel of the bar perfectly as a "lost openness." That is much of the charm of the bar scene, the boundaries disappear and everyone is drunk and happy to be alive. As Jez of Peep Show says, "You can't be depressed when you're pissed, it's just not possible."

And inevitably, the next morning you wake up and find that the openness has closed up and only the lost remains - but at least you have your hazy memories of that open feeling and maybe you can recreate it if you are lucky.

Despite the girl's reappearance in Burlington this weekend, I had to spend most of my time glued to my G5 in order to finish editing the new episode of The Deadbeat Club. I took a couple of alcohol/girl breaks and still managed to turn the beast in this AM at eight. This was after staying up all night snipping and preening and honing the bastard down to one hour. I am afraid that it sucks but I always say that.

Left to my own devices, I would never be awake as early as 8am on a weekend. Unless I stay up all night finishing an episode (and being such a class A slacker, I am always working up until the last minute), I sleep till noon. This morning, as I drove the tape to VCAM, the sun was shining brightly and there were lots of bundled up people walking their dogs. Nice to see the morning people in their element soaking up this crisp fall day and the clean morning sun. They seemed open and not so lost.

PS Despite a lot of devilish temptations, I resisted the urge to smoke last night. That makes it 4 days and no ciggies. Yeah for me!

PPS Lovely ladies, one of you left a gray sweatshirt at my house, it smells good...mmmm....I will hold it hostage until you come back to visit again! Miss you muchly!

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