Friday, March 16, 2007

SpielPalast 2006

Please to enjoy some super duper sexy SpielPalast Cabaret promos HOT off the presses - the first is pics, the second is video. Oooh la la, I am getting both excited and frightened about the upcoming SpielPalast in May...eeeek!

As the stunning chanteuse Sara Dawn sings:

"We sleep in the daytime,
stay up all night,
we're creatures of habit,
it's nothing to be frightened of,
it's tough to be alone,
it's a sad, sad world but there's always the show..."


digibudi said...

Oh Eva! These clips are great! It's Friday, and I made myself a very dirty Martini, and watching these clips, oooooh, it's so my thing.. love it!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oh Digibudi, I wish you were in the States cause YOU (and your dirty martinis) would totally fit in at the SpielPalast!! Make a trip to VT in May to see the show! I will reserve you and your pals VIP seats up front and throw you loads of kisses! ;)