Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Got Stuck in Vermont

Come to think of it, we did sort of get stuck when leaving the Statehouse Friday. It took 10 minutes or so with the help of a friendly security guard to back us out of that narrow driveway.

You see, we were riding in the Peace Bus which was barnstorming Vermont with Cindy, author John Nichols and Iraq vets Adrienne, Matt and Drew to eleven towns this weekend to drum up support for ballot measures to bring home the troops and impeach Bush. To watch the vlog detailing the first leg of her VT tour, go to Seven Days, Stuck in Vermont.

I spent all of snowy Friday, 9:30am to 10pm, tagging along with Cindy, Matt, Drew, Adrienne, John, Jimmy, Dan, Liza and our fearless and entertaining driver, Jim. With three speaking events along the route, I shot over 5 hours of footage and hated whittling it down to a 10 minute video. Time allowing, I'll air a longer piece on public television because I had to cut a lot of great footage.

Tomorrow (technically today) is Town Meeting Day in VT. If you are lucky, you got to hear Cindy, John, the vets and Dan talk at one of their many stops this weekend. Their message is one of hope, motivation and inspiration.

Be sure to attend your town meeting and make your voice heard! It is a rare opportunity we are given here in Vermont, make good use of it!

The Exit Voices Blog is back!! Be sure to check it out and contribute your Town Meeting Day stories and experiences to Bill Simmon! It is a great blog and a great project! GO VT and get your democracy ON!


Q_Monroe said...

that's so cool that you got to ride on the peace bus. i love how normal cindy is. just a mom who is tired of status quo! good for her. and good for you for presenting such an objective vloggeroo!

Junk Thief said...

Great that you met Cindy and included her on the site. This is not the usual "culture" where she'd show up, and that's perfect. Having Iggy, Sonic Youth and Cindy all together is what I call true democracy.

I enjoy The Nation as much as anyone else, but I love to see such true diversity and odd combinations. Just like mustard and chocolate sandwiches. Yum, yum. (No, not really!)