Friday, March 02, 2007

What the...? Babe Vlog Wars

Here at last is the last school of female fish, swimming their vloggy way to you for evaluation. (Sorry, it's been a very long day.) On the buffet are Jacqulyn Joy, Mary Matthews, Aida Mollenkamp, Uta Ritke, and Eva Sollberger. They await your vote after the jump. - Valleywag

Say no more. This is a weird, weird vlog world, but I can rest in peace knowing that, even if I am not the winner of the, erhm, Vlog Hot: Wildcard Babes Heat 2, hee hee, I am not the loser. Seriously people, it is just an honor just to be nominated. ;)

PS And I bet Pretty Rich Girl didn't just spend the entire day following around peace activist Cindy Sheehan. So beat that vlog babes! HAW!


la-la-lani said...

You lead such a strange, fascinating life... someone should be following you around iwth a camera.

Was Cindy amazing?

Eva the Deadbeat said...

HAW! then they can pester me as much as i pester everyone else!

she was, really. only problem is, i have to narrow 5 hrs of footage down to 8 min. i can do it though, this is why god invented tea. ;)

PS while we were on the bus, Ralph Nader called? rock star moment or what?!

Q_Monroe said...

whoa. i leave for a week and you are famous? what happened? let's get together soon!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

HAW! yes, "famous!" i won 8th place in some vlog war that no one gives a hoot about! YESSSSSSS! my ship finally came in! ;)

soon! miss me some Suzanne!

la-la-lani said...

Oh, btw, I took the Seven Days online sex survey and voted you the famous VTer I'd most want to have sex with. (Full confession: I couldn't really think of any other famous VTers besides Trey, and I'm just not into him.)