Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ballerinas, Cupcakes and Geppetto, Oh My!

My new YouTube friend from Belgium, Digibudi has a super duper lovely blog in which he addresses all the dreamiest topics of the day: crafting, walking by the beach, dancing to footloose, watching seagulls, sexy Galliano, fairytales, tinkering in his workroom and making the perfect cupcakes (see video below).

Digibudi is also an awesome illustrator and you can see hundreds of his whimsical drawings on his blog (one is above). Plus his list of people he wants to marry is rather impressive: Anais Nin, Gene Kelly, Picasso, Roald Dahl, Egon Schiele, Bette Davis, Maggie Smith. Hello, sign me up for a marriage license with any of these fine corpses (dear Maggie is not a corpse quite yet)!

Even better, Digibudi can relate to hard-working, obsessive Geppetto:

There has always been one character in dreamland that has been an inspiration to me, this is Geppetto, the maker/father of Pinocchio. Even as a child I compared myself to this character who makes wooden dolls in his little studio. I liked his solitude and his kindness. I liked the fact that he didn't want anything else but to make things with his hands that would come alive. He had no wife, no children, only this little black and white kitten and a marvelous working place, I'd like to call Geppetto's Dreamshoppe.

It's this picture of that workplace I always carried in the back of my mind while I was growing up. And last night I looked at my desk, with all the little compartements and drawers, stacked with thread and fabrics and buttons, that I was reminded again of this wonderful character, Geppetto. Oh I want to be like him when I'm older and wiser. To make things and to bring them alive, is the most wonderful experience I can imagine.

I must email the Blue Fairy one of these days, just to let her know that there's another Geppetto looking for some of that magical stardust she always carries with her. I'll sprinkle it all over my wooden desk, and I'll be sure to spill some on my drawings and puppets too. And I'm sure that when I go to bed, and I'll wake up the next morning, everything will be magic. Even more than it is now.
And this is no lie.

And now prepare yourself for the sexiest cupcakes the world has ever known, YUMMY:


la-la-lani said...

LOVES these illustrations

Eva the Deadbeat said...

aren't they so lovely? dreamy? fanciful? makes me want to eat them up!

digibudi said...

Thank you so much to put this lovely post on my little digital garden! I'm thinking of changing to Blogger, because with this WindowsLive Spaces, you can't post comments, without being logged in and stupid stuff like that! Anyway, thank you so much, love you!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YES YES! I tried to leave you some comments but was too lazy to sign up! Maybe you could have a blog on both places??? Oooh, I do love your bloggie, ever so! ;)