Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Craft Mafia are Stuck in Vermont

The Burlington Craft Mafia are a bunch of gals after my own heart. They are hard-working, detail-oriented, talented, artistic, obsessed and they don't sleep much. And they make all sorts of delectable goodies that you can wear on your body!

I drove home with a beautiful blue beaded necklace with a heart on the end from Kacey's table. But if I had been carrying my checkbook, well, there would have been trouble because I wanted to buy everything!

And may I just say that Colin Clary is a fine, fine musician and it was so nice having him play pretty music in his rainbow colored sweater. Add that to sandwiches shaped liked stars, nifty goods a plenty and a room full of cool people and the evening was a smashing success! Thanks to Studio STK for hosting!

Go to the Stuck in Vermont blog at Seven Days to watch the vlog of the evening!

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