Tuesday, March 27, 2007

History and Syrup are Stuck in Vermont

"In this time, the most precious substance in the universe is the spice melange. The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness."
— Opening monologue from the 1984 film Dune,
spoken by Virginia Madsen as Princess Irulan
Go to Stuck in Vermont to see two brand spanking new vlogs about Preservation Burlington's "A Date with History" at the Fleming Museum and the Maple Open House Weekend at Shelburne Farms.

Maple_3_evaBut I warn you, you cannot watch the sugaring video without hungering for maple syrup or something sweet. After editing this vlog late last night, I was CRAVING pancakes and made some as soon as I woke up with some Grade A Dark Amber maple syrup. Mmm...truly the nectar of the Gods.

"He who controls the [maple syrup], controls the Universe!" Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Dune


Lesh said...

I was compelled to start doing that lemon/maple syrup cleanse a few days earlier than I originally planned out of the desire, nay, NEED to eat mass quantities of maple syrup. I just hooked the tap up to an IV drip. YUM!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YUMMY! how i love the maple syrup - truly nectar of the generous gods! ;)

la-la-lani said...

My favorite snack ever was a heavy softball-sized gob of dense, dark hardened syrup that Brad brought back from a maple event two years ago. (It was what was scraped off the spoon from sugar-on-snow snacks, and was going to be thrown away, but he saw the noshing value.) I gnawed on that thing--literally until my gums bled--for two weeks. Ah, heaven.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YUMMY! that sounds tasty delicious ! i love the image of you gnawing on it too! bleeding gums...hehehehehe!