Friday, March 30, 2007

YouTube Milestone

Oh happy day/week - I finally hit a half a million views with my evadeadbeat vids. As an added bonus, my Stuck in Vermont vid about the Burlington Craft Mafia got featured somewhere or other (?!) on YT and shot up to 12,000 views (Update: 40,000+ hits!?). Happy day!

Of course, it is not all fun and games. With hits and exposure come the inevitable hatred such as practically every comment left lovingly on my Green Day vids:

chaz911 (4 days ago)
like wtf? you're an adult, talk like one instead of rambling on like some teenage kid. you're video is pointless and the lack of evidence makes this very stupid.

SpitFire718 (2 days ago)
i would have thrown a pool stick at her face Dumb wanna be blonde

gelignite555 (1 day ago)
if i was billie id have killed her

jay5668 (12 hours ago)
you have no right at all to talk bad about billie he great at what he does and he dosnt deserve to be talk to badly like you did to him you stupid bitch

Oh my. The sad thing is, these comments are somewhat accurate! I DO ramble like a teenage kid and I AM a wanna be blonde! These kids are savvy.

Ah well, my YouTube account will no doubt disappear one day soon for copyright infringment and these kids can mercilessly attack some other childish grown-up blabbing all over the internet tubes. For now though, I will relish my little YouTube milestones for the smidgen of joy they bring to me. Happy Day!!


Allison said...

Hi Eva! This is Allison (heinousshrew) from the BCM. That vlog was posted both on the etsy blog and on the Austin Craft Mafia blog! I'm guessing that's where the hits came from. Thanks again for creating such a great piece!

Q_Monroe said...

as always, i'm amused by these kids who can't spell or type out a grammatically correct sentence worth a damn!

rockergirrl said...

Amazing! I can't believe it has that many hits. Thank you thank you thank you.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Thanks Allison and Kacey! I am so glad for the Etsy and Austin Craft Mafia mentions. What a bunch of lovely comments too! Loves it!

But the bulk of the hits are not from there, you can actually track where they come from via YouTube and about 35,000 are from the YouTube main page (what a YouTube geek am I, eh!?). it is weird though as the video was definitely not featured - hmmm, the mystery continues but I love it!

And I love your clothes Allison and your jewelry Kacey. i am a big fan! Ok, must contain my gushing...