Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lily Kicks ASS!

Jeez, you just have to watch these clips to believe them. Some behind the scene gems from I Heart Huckabees in which Lily Tomlin goes cuckoo and starts bitching up a storm. Luckily, a crew member left the camera on for her angry tirade.

Better still is the second clip in which the director of the film, David O Russell gets fed up and attacks Lily in front of the entire crew. This is the Hollywood I love. None of this prim and proper bullshit! Give me tantrums, screaming hissy fits and pushing crap off of desks in an angry rage! Bring it!

Said Lily after the shoot/boxing match:

''I'd rather have someone human and available and raw and open. Don't give me someone cold, or cut off, or someone who considers themselves dignified.''

Go to Defamer to see the clips and read the backstory. Thanks to Dan for the hot link!


Q_Monroe said...

bummer, i waited to long to check this out and now it's gone! waaa! now i've learned my lesson about never falling behind on deadbeat blog reading.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

sadly, those clips were just too juicy to stay up very long - man, i love stars behaving BADLY!