Thursday, March 01, 2007

Feel the YT Love

Oh yes, my YT subscriptions may have shot up to 1707 thanks to the recent random luck of YT featuring me on their new user sign up page, this does not mean, however, that my vids get watched more. That is probably a good thing as I suspect my YT days are numbered.

My main viewership stills seems to come from angry teenagers who despise me for featuring their beloved stars - be they punk, tortured, teeny bopper, hipster, Asian or British. And this is where the love comes in, comments that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Below is a sampling and please keep in mind, these are all recent! The consensus is this, I get the award for being the most annoying/ugly person EVER (thank you Academy), I need to be slapped...a lot...and I should find my way to a cliff for the part I played in kitten stabbings (those last two are my favorites! A++ for creativity!).

Thanks lovers!

billiexxsexxiixx (5 days ago)
someone slap this bitch.

xXDistractionsXx (5 days ago)
Dude, That chick has serious mental problems, shes a cow face =]

imarco75 (3 weeks ago)
I love people like this - moaning about the achievements of others when they get nowhere with their own BUT are too busy bitching about them than using that very same energy to get them what they want. It's superficial, it's arrogant and narcissistic and I'll be laughing when I find out dear eva is now working in a call centre.

elvishitler (1 week ago)
you bitches need to get laid.

samoscratch (6 days ago)
I would like it very much if you found your way off a cliff

mouey18 (1 week ago)
wtf? this is so damn annoying.

warriorwiithin (5 days ago)
this is what u call an ugly fucking girl,, look at her face a fucking frog ,, haha if i were bai ling i d not even talk to this slut ! ugly fucking bitch

vwangnet (1 month ago)
jealousy is very unattractive, dear. particularly when you're also physically unappealing.

sharpst77 (3 weeks ago)
you're a tool

sucktastic (6 months ago)
Maybe the narrator women is just jealous because she's an ugly cow and Bai Ling is smoking hot. Yeah, thought so.

Heterodyne (5 months ago)
She is the epitome of annoying

actionfigures95 (3 months ago)
annoying hostess indeed. shut up!

asstaster (3 months ago)
I find this racist and offensive.

twinboost (3 months ago)

brandonleeocd (2 months ago)
OMG most ugly & annoying 'hostess' ever!

JGTMTE (2 months ago)
this woman is making me cringe! I've only watched 59 seconds of it! This woman knows bugger all about the sex pistols, sid and nancy or anything to do with punk! I swear Sid would spit in this girls face if he saw this, he doesn't deserve to have this 'fan'

disReg (2 months ago)
yank bitch shut the fuck up

Luxtar1980 (3 months ago)
Who is this lame lady talking about the movie?

myersmad (2 months ago)
errrrm your a fat old wanna be! you so want to be punk dont you! ha ah lame ass fucker

nicolinadavidson (3 months ago)
This women make me want to stab kittens. Leave my Mark alone. Srsly. I have loved him from the first time Peep Show aired in the UK.

luvxbringsxpain (1 month ago)
I love that movie but...holy shit she needs to get bitch slapped.

emma0113 (1 month ago)
and who is that stupid yank bitch???


la-la-lani said...

Darlin', you are the epitome of beauty and style, my lovely Yank hostess friend. If these nasty and illiterate wankers get you down, just remember that you have better teeth than any of them.

Alicat said...

esh! I hate that aspect of YT. You are beautiful Eva and all of that is just pure crap from a bunch of hateful, little people.

What about disabling the comments on your vids?

Junk Thief said...

Oy, how many nasty viewers there are out there! Yank? Is that a southern abbreviation for Yankee? Maybe it's the Vermont thing that freaks 'em out.

Hang in there, knowing there are plenty of lovers to outweigh those haters.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

You guys are the best and now I feel guilty for fishing for compliments (I swear I didn't mean to but THANK YOU!).

Honestly, I am sorta amused by the nasty YT bits now. They hurt my feelings less when they are on my vids talking about famous people. They only really cut me close if they are on my more personal vids (which luckily are watched by far fewer people and thus, elicit less spite).

Ah well, it's all good for a laugh on my way to the cliff I am finding my way off of! But who will save the poor kittens from a stabbing death!?? ;)

PS Lani, you are sweet but i am afraid my teeth are one of my worst features! Just ask my dentist! hee hee!

la-la-lani said...

Your teeth are better than any Brits'. Believe me, I did a up-close-+-personal (smooching) survey over there.

Q_Monroe said...

i remember the days when you really did get offended by those kids. they sure are entertaining though. i would ask them what they do with their loser selves all day to have time to just surf the internet. you are beautiful it's true. but that poor kitten stabber has issues. i think we should stage an intervention. why does she feel such anger?

tonci said...

well, i'm not really kitten stabbing angry, but i'm also an angry teenager and i think you're FABULOUS!!!!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Haw haw, I guess we all feel like angry teenage kitten stabbers sometimes. ;)

Tonci, I wish we were visiting you in Croatia RIGHT NOW! Instead, we are buried in a second snowstorm. Oh well, it sure is purty! I am sending an internet earscratch to Bobo.

Suz, are you home? I know, i guess over time these catty comments stop bothering even Miss Super Sensitive Old Me. They are so comical. Here are some fresh bits of fun from the popularly loathed Green Day vid - I WIN THE MOST GAY AWARD!:

yuppersblabla (16 hours ago)
Ok, you dumb bitch. Lay off the crack.

PhantomOfYourDeath (14 hours ago)
ok lady u r fucked up lay off the crack

JeffyJefferson129347 (11 hours ago)
you won an award for the gayest video ever
fuck this

Eva the Deadbeat said...

PS How did they know I love crack? I sprinkle it on my cereal every morning!

Chris said...

geez well you have thicker skin than myself... vicious internet people... I am glad it doesn't bug you and you can laugh at it... stab kittens indeed

Smartpatrol said...

Woah. These haters are just all class, all the time.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that's the bad part about YT - thousands of angry, lonely people trolling the site in search of prey. I admire your class for taking the high road though. I've only recently discovered your YT channel and am very impressed with what I have watched so far. I look forward to going through your archive and spreading the love!

P.S. Those sad wankers are just jealous they don't have the creativity, motivation and patience you do! You rock!