Friday, July 20, 2007

Video Experiments

Here is the thing. I am making a lot of videos for my new job at Seven Days. But it is all sort of new and we are experimenting with different formats and topics and, to quote Cathy, seeing what sticks.

So if you have any comments or feedback, please add your 2 cents to Cathy's blog - harsh criticism, technical feedback - bring it on!

I enjoy doing random on the street interviews and also mini-show montages. But enough about me, what do you think?!


Anonymous said...

eva sweety darling,

I just saw morrissey and kathy griffin on back to back nights and now in the process of de-gaying myself but it was fab. and
honestly its a short trip from gay town back to metrosexual land
About what you wrote in your blog. The parts I love about "stuck in vermont" are the people and places you profile that are of a completely differant culture than my own.
Hence your outside and I'm locked in my house for the next two months.
my favorites being cabbie, shelborne farms,(mmmmm maple syrup) and the time you went hot air balloning.
I have to say the my main complaint is that they can run a bit long and you don't show enough of yourself in the pieces.As someone who became a fan during the "deadbeat club" phase. I have to say "WE MISS YOU".
stay cool

Herb said...

Need a good vlog idea?

Here you go:

A Day in the Life of Herb: Burlington's Favorite Son.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Tony, thanks for your feedback. I know they need to be shorter but I HATE losing all the details and I am afraid of making them fluff pieces! Argh! i also think more of me is a bad idea but thanks for the support!

Excellent idea Herb. But I think you need your own channel: Herb 24/7. might be too much for some people but the real Herb Connoisseurs would dig it.