Monday, July 16, 2007

Barn Dance

Truly, it does not get much more Vermont than watching modern dance in a big barn in the middle of nowhere off a dirt road that it took hours to find.

Molly described the show best when she said that it was like watching her whole life go by at a fast speed (did I remember that right?). Not many shows can encompass such breadth and this 4 minute video only skims the surface.

The All-Purpose Dance Company

Molly and I wanted to stop for an antique lamp by the side of the road but were late for the show. Then we got all turned around on the way to Tracy's palace of a house which in country terms is, "right around the corner." Next time, the lamp is ours.


Undead Molly said...

That lamp... it's our Moby Dick. And I did say I felt like I had relived my entire life through the performance.

Q_Monroe said...

love it. you did do the show justice.