Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Cabaret Hits the Mad River Valley

Oooh, my body hurts so bad. Is this what is feels like when you get old? When is nap time?

Saturday, July 21st, the Spielpalast Cabaret traveled a mighty long distance to Waitsfield to perform at the Big Picture Theater. Film director Eugene Jarecki had a blow out party for his wife Claudia's 40th birthday party.

The cabaret was supposed to be the surprise for German-born Claudia - but how exactly do you keep 20+ partially naked girls hidden? There were oyster shooters, fireworks, yummy chocolate cake, tons of booze and of course, a scantily clad cabaret doing their naughty show for the masses.

You can see the pics here. It was all a mad blur. I was nervous to perform again because I am out of shape and have been too busy to practice much. Plus, I had a scary new added solo singing bit and was frightened my voice might choke up under pressure. Egads, worries abounded!

Our dressing room was a tent behind the stage door which led to one of the theaters. We had a scenic pond behind us and a playground in front of us. The grass got muddy with all of us tromping over it in heels and there were lots of bugs. Still, the cabaret is pretty flexible and can make a home just about anywhere. They brought out couches, gave us food and booze and everyone was happy as could be - and a little wet and muddy as well.

The rowdy crowd was into the show and I only screwed up two little dance bits (that I know of). My song went off beautifully and I was so pleased to be in the piece as it has always had a special meaning for me.

When the show was over we all patted each other on the back. It is hard to take a HUGE 20+ person show and cram it into a tent and onto a new stage in a movie theater with only 2 rehearsals. The band kicked ass, the lights were awesome, and the show was just SO much fun. The cabaret is just so god damn amazingly talented.

Afterwards, we hit the dance floor and shook the place UP. I was so happy to be DONE that I danced my ass off. Nicci and I did ridiculous dance routines and acted like utter fools. It felt awesome.

This morning I felt like death and had to drag my half alive body to Oakledge to shoot the Bocce Social. Tomorrow, I start teaching camp for the week! There is nothing like full days of 8-10 year olds to make you feel old and exhausted and drain every last ounce of your strength.

Aw, fuck it. I can sleep when I am dead.

PS And as of Tuesday, big changes are afoot. Knock on wood...

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