Monday, July 23, 2007

YouTube Haters

A YouTube feature brings many good things in its wake such as hits, subscribers and nice new contacts. And then there is the ugly YouTube underbelly as well...

Such as nasty comments from creepy people and oodles of worthless spam. It is hard to imagine that anyone could find something yucky to say about 8-11 year old girls learning how to weld but...expect the unexpected:

Lesbians in the making camp. Just kidding! Had to say it.

girls are stupid.

I think its ignorant how you think doing some menial labor task "empowers" you, give me a break. Wow, you can change a tire, whoopdefucking do, let me go start a camp where we do laundry, knit clothes, and bake cookies. Maybe that'll "empower" little boys, pshh, please.

hahahaha, who cares what "women" can do these vermonters are pathethic

Cathy and I are doing our best to weed out the spam and offensive comments that pop up like cyberweeds when you get a wee bit of YouTube sunlight shone in your direction.

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the attention. But I also feel a responsibility to the girls featured in the video. They don't deserve to get smeared with the cowardly internet haters crud.

There is also a bit of a debate raging at the Rosie's Girls video and also on the Stuck in VT homepage about the merits, or lack thereof, of Vermont. This I can stomach even if it is a bit ridiculous.

What an interesting cyber world we live in!


Undead Molly said...

This is my favorite:

"man i gotta go visit the country sometimes.smoke some pot n light my poop on fire"

He's going to light his poop on fire?!?

Anonymous said...

people are actually making fun of little girls at summer camp? I can't belive it. I'm glad your not letting the haters bring you down.
And to answer one detractors comments I think that yes "little boys should learn about cooking and house hold maintance."
stay cool

Eva the Deadbeat said...

haw! that one did get me giggling Molly. but i am a sucker for poop jokes.

i think the thing about anonymous YouTube comments is that they don't feel real. it is like the tree falling in an empty forest - no one will hear it, right? so poop comments and what not feel totally normal.

in fact, i think my next YouTube comment will mention asbestos, baby donkeys and butt cracks. so there.

Tony, I agree with you. my HS taught cooking, sewing, carpentry and welding to boys and girls. i thought it was cool.