Sunday, July 01, 2007

Love the Ladies

Ultimately, "Evening" achieves a kind of wisdom, though it's a strange and bitter wisdom.

Written by Minot and Michael Cunningham, the film arrives at a pessimistic and almost nihilistic view of life as something not very important -- and then invites us to take strength and comfort in the notion.

It's not what you'd expect, and it's certainly not the typical message. It might be most interesting thing about the picture. - Mick La Salle, SF Gate

What can I say, I loved Evening. And I might be the only one - the critics are panning it coast to coast. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what or why at this moment because I am still a little bit weepy (that's right, I cry at movies and spent most of this one sniffling) but suffice to say that Vanessa Redgrave is beautiful. Startlingly, heartbreakingly, amazingly, stunningly, wow.

And seeing all these intense, intelligent, older women with bags under their eyes (except for young and tasty Clare Danes) talking about love, loss, choices and death - well, that is my cup of tea and platter of hot buttered scones. Mmmm.

I walked to the movie chatting with my complex and fascinating sister who did not completely hate the film. Phew.

I come from a long line of strong, complicated ladies and I am so grateful for the presence of these people in my life. I hope they cuddle up with me on my deathbed like they did with Vanessa in Evening and talk me out of the mess of this world to the next.

Like Meryl Streep said after climbing into bed with Vanessa, "We're all such mysterious creatures. But in the end, what we do doesn't matter so much."

Because if life really is NOT about the mistakes you make, the doors that shut or the crappy choices you made, then it is ALL about the people that love you and the people that bring joy to your mundane moments.

People like your sister who used to babysit you even when you tried to steal the food money to spend it on candy, who built you a dollhouse from scratch and read aloud to you for most of your young life. Or your sister who used to do cheesy Weight Watcher ads but you love her all the same - check out Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave at the premiere of Evening below.


Anonymous said...

help me
i was in the bed
at two o'clock in the morning
and the door shock
the handle depress
somebody tried to get in
yes i did the bolt
it was no use
door very old
they will come back my love
the door shook :(

Junk Thief said...

Thanks for making me rethink going to see this movie. First I was all enthusiastic, then heard the reviews, now I'm back on board to go see it.

Q_Monroe said...

sounds like a good one. if you wanna see it again or need a partner to see other movies, give me a call. i need me some girl time.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Gregg, lemme know what you think of "Evening". I am a notorious sap SO you might still hate it but i think it deals nicely with time, memory and the choices we make.

and the women are just so beautiful to see. my sister and i were realizing that we have seen GLenn Close, Meryl Streep and Vanessa redgrave for so long that we still think of them as youg women. and here they are all grown up. even clare danes i still think of as a teen. dang, time flies by!

Suzanne, let's see some chick movies and eat chocolate, i am down!

Undead Molly said...

What is that scary anonymous comment?

Eva the Deadbeat said...

good question!