Monday, July 09, 2007

Cirque du SO ME!

Sigh, short lil' me and a statuesque Miss Chastity. This super model dame has some mighty gorgeous long legs, all the better to run marathons with. MC Chastity is probably over 7 feet tall when you combine her bouffant hairdo and nosebleed heels. Va va voom!

Burlington rounded off a heady celebration of 25 years of Pride at Higher Ground on Saturday with the mighty Cirque du so Gay (be on the look out for the Stuck in Vermont vlog Tuesday).

Naked sexy people, plenty of pasties, sequins galore, whip-wielding hotties, glamorous ball gowns, a community love fest, balls out dancing, lots of squealing (mostly from me) and so many new and old friends! When I wasn't running into someone I haven't seen in forever, I was making all sorts of new pals for life.

I met some sassy strangers who watch The Deadbeat Club on cable access or the Stuck in Vermont vlog at Seven Days. Random people in the hall or bathroom telling me they loved my mom and my sister and watch all this crap I churn out regularly!? What? Really? Moi!? * Blush, blush *

Above is me and the fabulously talented songbird, Dana Smitten. If you watch Stuck in Vermont you get to hear her dulcet notes over and over again (someone even sung this to me at a party the other day!?).

"We're trapped in, trapped in Vermont." Can you believe that I am still not sick of this song tidbit, even after hearing it about a gazillion times!?! You can see The Smittens at Metronome this Friday - woot!

Above is the amazingly talented dancer, singer, musician, go go dancer and Pistol Packing Papa, Miss Sarah Mell. The go go girls were working it so hard that their pasties fell off from all the sexy sweat! They had a back-up pair but by the end of the night, who knows if they were still attached?!?!
Above is the sultry diva, Allison the Mistress of Ceremonies who explained that she prefers to give orders, not take them - DUH! Please don't use the whip Mistress!

Below is the Order Giver, Master of Ceremonies and event organizer, Shawn Lipenski. I have never felt so short in all my life. Shawn, Chastity and the Sisters LeMay towered above me. It felt delicious to feel so small but next time I am wearing taller shoes and higher hair!
"Meow," says Don the sexy pink-eyed roller boy. Not everyone can pull of a headband, headphones and Hello Kitty - Don is special like that. Ffft!
My friend Tracy got me the wildly popular book Eat, Pray, Love and I read it cover to cover in days. One of the main themes is learning how to BE YOURSELF. This sounds easy enough to do but still, DAMN IT, it is so blasted hard.

It is easy enough to say, "I am being me." But who the hell is "me" and how the hell do you be ME when you are so busy trying to think what to say, do and how to respond in the moment. ME is complicated. Me takes thought. Maybe I am over-thinking this!?

I asked many of the revelers at Cirque du so Gay what "pride" meant to them. Many of them defined pride as BEING YOURSELF, or being someone else, or being whatever the hell you want to be in this moment without fear of repercussions.

So in honor of Pride and 25 years of protesting, celebrating, dressing up, and having the guts to be who you are openly - I am going to say what I like, act as I please and not waste time trying to impress people.

I pledge to squeal loudly, dress brashly and make a big, utter fool out of myself. Yeah, yeah, I know, how is this different than my normal behavior? Damn good question.

Cause I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

PS It will be tough to whittle 1.5 tasty hours of Cirque footage down to a 5 minute bite sized Stuck in VT chunk. The secret? Equal parts obsession. caffeine, Ben and Jerrys, sleep deprivation, nicotine and kitty purrs. Meow.

PPS For more Pride fun, visit the House of LeMay blog. They have lovely Cirque du so Gay pics as well as pics from the entire fun-packed weekend! Oof!


Sara S. said...

You lucky bitch... I mean... Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. I mean, gay men, sparkles, pink, drag queens, dancing, lots of room for musicals... dear god, it's my dream!

Undead Molly said...

aaaWWWWW! I shoulda gone. Not many opportunities trot about in my corset these days. Poop.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

i wish you guys had been there (your corset is cursing you Molly, it was the corset meet and greet of the year!)!!

i begged the Poof girls to let me in their act but the bitches wouldn't show me no love. dang it, i am a drag queen trapped ina girl's body.

still, after Sat, i feel all shiny happy and lovely! PRIDE!

Sara S. said...

Haha, you should join my club. It's the "I'm A Gay Man Trapped In A Woman's Body" Club.

We sit around in drag, watch fabulous musicals, and drink martinis, all the while grumbling about being women.

Undead Molly said...

I think the lesson here is that I shouldn't wait for Events to wear the corset. I should live the corset. Be the corset. Wear the corset to the grocery store with my slinkiest little satin cheongsam.

What's the point of having all these pretty things that just sit in my closet?

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Sara - I am IN! I have been in this club most of my life and am humming some Cole Porter, wearing false eyelashes and sequins and sipping a Manhatten as we speak! ;)

Molly - I think this is a lovely lesson (even if I had to google "cheongsam"). The corset needs some trips out, needs to make friends/enemies, live a little, see the light of day/depth of night and have a life of her own!

Never fence in a corset, I knew a girl who tried that once was NOT pretty...

Salty Miss Jill said...

This looked like so much fun...if there is a glorious afterlife, this would surely be going on in one its heavenly realms.