Friday, June 29, 2007


HOLY SHIT! It has finally come, the day is finally here! I knew if I waited long enough my life would have meaning! The Spice Girls are reuniting to make a pot of money and I am gonna go see them in concert! YES YES YES!

On a side note, it is hellah hot (heat brings out my inner Californian DUDE) and I rode down Main St one-handed on a bike filming skateboarders and didn't drop my video camera - not even when I hit that bump and almost lost control of my bike. OH YEAH!


Junk Thief said...

Spice girls reunion? It sounds like 1990s nostalgia has finally arrived. Is this good or bad for the Pipettes? Those girls have a similar vibe but they are their own originals. (I'm still eating my heart out that I missed seeming them here. You can tell your grandchildren that you saw them early on when they get their 50th gold record.)

Anonymous said...

Gerri's back too so it's a full reunion. It just wasn't the same on their one american tour in 98
She was always was my fav. BUT WOW. Em has gonna from baby spice to Hubba hubba spice. Poor posh should eat every once in while. And I think the Mel's have the best accents. "I just had a BAY-ba"
good for them

la-la-lani said...


digibudi said...

Hi there Eva! I've been away for a while.. boyfriend/breakup with boyfriend, that kinda stuff... And look what happended, the Spice Girls are getting back together. It feels like some years have past since I've last checked your blog! :) But I'm here to stay now.. for a very, very long time.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YAY SPice! I know Tony, aren't their accents the cutest? I think Mel B is from Manchester? I get my brit accents confused though. Victoria says "TUR" instead of "tour." Aww!

YIPS! Gregg, the Pippettes were awesome but will hopefully take the States by storm and then you can see em play all the time! I must say that my red striped Pippettes shirt is beloved already. So cute!

Lani, go to they are gonna hit up nyc, la and some other major cities. they are each making 10 mil pounds from it!? egads, what a racket!

nikolaas! so nice to hear from you! i missed you and am sad to hear about the boy. we gotta go see the spices together! come to nyc! or i will fly to london! imagine the fun!

i have been singing spice hits all day, every day! xoxo