Thursday, June 21, 2007

My New Internet Friend

Matt Petty is my new internet friend. He is the art director at the SF Chronicle and he makes these super cool videos on the side. They are the closest thing I have found to Stuck in Vermont out there in the alt weekly online media scene. Matt's vids are called Art Adventures and they are about these uber cool obsessed Bay Area artists AND they have MONTAGES!!!! YIP!!

Below, Mr T dolls, I PITY THE FOOL WHO DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO (this exhibit is SO San Francisco, we loves it):


Q_Monroe said...

is this the male version of eva? have you found your soulmate? does he know you exist?

Herb said...

It's strangely beautiful

Eva the Deadbeat said...

yes, we are internet pals Suz, but we can probably never be in the same place at the same time or the time/space continuum may break down with fatal results...or we could have a VLOG-OFF!!!?? a vlog fight to the death!?!?!? ;)

nuthin strange about it, Mr T rules!! you know you have his doll hidden in your closet Herb...

Herb said...

Yes yes, The fourth season of peep show is amazing.

I do like British drama. Need to check out Prime Suspect. I am a big Cracker fan.

EsAreWhyould said...

A thousand years from now, all of the Mr. T art will be discovered and a new religion will be formed.

I checked out some of the other vlogs. The Alcatraz event looks like it would have been fun to see. There's also a studio visit with Shawn Barber and he has some really nice dolls. The last time I was in SF I ended up at his apartment -- he's got a squid fetus in a jar.

Berkshire-Hills Internship Program said...

Hi Eva!

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