Monday, June 25, 2007

Geeks, Berries and Chippies

What a weekend. Geeks, strawberries and chipmunks. Wow.

Above is a pic from Geek Week at the Langdon St Cafe in Montpelier. Liz Drake took the ab0ve pic and you can see more of Friday night's Sputnik show as well as a ton of other awesome local bands and events at her Flickr account.

Be on the look out for a Geek Week Stuck in Vermont vlog this week.

Above is Zena stuffing her face. I now know more about chipmunks than I ever thought possible. Did you know they eat insects, fight with each other, are solitary creatures, live in burrows under the ground and store their food in pantries!? Plus, now that a chipmunk has eaten out of my hand, I can die happily.

Sunday was a meeting of the blogs. In the old days there were ladies who did tea and now there are ladies who do blogs - and eat berries. Molly, Suzanne and I hit up the Intervale for some yummy strawberry picking/eating. Heavenly.

Below is the lovely Undead Molly (whose birthday is almost here) holding up a mutated "Bunny Berry."

Above is the matriarch of the Chipmunk Clan. Her name is Little Girl but do not step foot in her territory if you are a chipmunk because she will rip your leg off! Just ask Scardey who is a 3-footed chippie as a result - and he is her own son!


la-la-lani said...

Chipmunks are sooo sweet. I also went strawberry picking yesterday. And ate at least as many as I picked. Bliss.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

yum yum - hot berries soaking in the sun are sooo tasty! and i love sampling the different flavors...mmmm!

Tanner M. said...


Langdon street is in montpelier, not middlebury... as far as i know.

Q_Monroe said...

scaredy! that's the chipmunks name? hee hee. maybe he and ella should get together.

my dad could always get the chipmunks to come to him.

i might be just a little jealous of your new friend suzanne...