Wednesday, September 20, 2006

YouTube on Leno

Hmmm...does this mean that YouTube has jumped the shark? No, I suppose that already happened when Paris Hilton started posting vids. Nevermind though, I am still a big fan of YouTube, the best TV substitute a girl could ever have!

PS And check out Littleloca hanging out with freaky 70s Crispin Glover! Gotta love her! "Movie star, that guy is an idiot," says Crispin about Crispin. What a gem. I wish he had been more entertaining when I was standing in line behind him to see Grizzly Man at Sundance but he was disturbingly quiet and dull.

Littleloca more than holds her own against Mr Coo Coo. His movie (which is featured at the end of her vid) is one of the silliest movies I have ever seen in my life. I watched a rough cut with a living room full of Mormons and it was more than painful. Many slugs died to make that piece of self-indulgent, fur-coat-wearing retardation.

PPS And did you know that Lonelygirl15 has posted again since she was "outed" as though nothing is wrong?! It could be that these are videos they shot a while ago OR it could be that they are trying to pretend like everything is normal. That's right kids, ignore the man behind the curtain, look at how PRETTY and LONELY she is! Either way, it is still working its magic as she has a zillion hits as usual. Go Lonelygirl15-celeb-for-hire!

Sadly, the once loved LonelyGirl15 now has some actual, detractors!! * Gasp *

giantwarwock (6 minutes ago)

wow how old r u? shes like fucking 20-25


Get a grip you stupid fake bitch!

Kingwarren (6 minutes ago)
Skank..shitty actress..needs makeup real BAD

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