Thursday, September 21, 2006

NBC Strikes Back

NBC has been pushing their new Fall season on YouTube and YouTubers ain't gonna take it anymore! There have been all sort of nasty responses from the haters decrying YouTube for selling out such as:

Andrewz (2 days ago)

YouTube Don't let the corporations in!
(go youtube!)

DAYLIGHT (1 day ago)
oh sh:t YOUTUB is going down the tubes

RoboPimp3000 (1 day ago)
WithMyOwnHands - this video being featured is not "suspicious". NBC has a deal with youtube that goes something like this: NBC gives youtube money, youtube helps promote NBC. It's called a business arrangement.

(2 days ago)
This is great!!! A big, fat, commercial for NBC. Let's all cheer and rave about how great we are because we finally made it to Leno. Mission accomplished. I feel much better. Don't you?

januthin (1 day ago)
It's ridiculous that these huge companies can just buy grassroots websites and turn them into even more ad revenue (e.g. Paris Hilton Channel). They strip every last penny there is left, and leave the site in ruins for the next flavor of the month. Plus, their content makes you DUMB.

januthin (23 hours ago)
I think any medium worth its salt is in debt to the form and content that got it noticed. Youtube is sacrificing its integrity to make a tiny bit more money. In the end, the same people who program your TV, radio, produce your movies and music, are trying to get control of the internet. It's fast and easy... but it's big and stupid. Cogswells Cogs.

januthin (21 hours ago)
Well, there is supposed to be a level playing field, even in entertainment (and news). But there isn't. Everything we hear comes from a handfull of sources which, to get and keep the largest audience possible, grossly simplify the information they offer. Think about it, they don't serve your interest. The irony is that the more you pay, the less they tell you.

(2 days ago)
Remember a few months ago when NBC got all angry with YouTube for airing SNL videos? And now NBC is trying to get into bed with them. Corporate America, and its hypocracy, makes me sick. Whores. Just another example of the big guy (NBC) taking out the little guy (us) because the little guy thought of it first.

And finally, with premiere week underway, NBC responded to the YouTube backlash with this sassy and smart ass video:

And I must say that The Office premiere was well worth the wait and the YouTube advertising.

Jim, time to go back to Pam and your office and continue with the long stares. Only Pam can properly appreciate your jello-fying of Dwight's calculator. Duh.

I think I love this show because it is a bunch of weird-yet-normal people stuck together in a small space and hating each other's guts BUT they make the best of it cause that is just what you do. You get creative with jello and teasing because it passes the time, and really what more can you ask for out of our long, long lives?


casey said...

What a nice opening episode. I was worried, but I think this season should be fun. Especially since they've done the "Lost" thing and showed us another office "tribe." Opens the door for a lot of fresh hilarity.

This show is one of the only examples of chance-taking in American sitcoms. I was one of the folks who was not behind them *translating* the show from the British version. Now I'm glad they did.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

i was lucky in that I watched the American Office FIRST so it wasn't as odd for me to get used to it. Now that i've seen them both, i think they both have a unique charm.

it is so rare that there is ANYTHING good on the tube (why i spend so much time surfing youtube no doubt) but The OFfice is so well written, acted and downright silly. my fav moment was when the drunk red head gulped down a handful of angela's anti-bacterial soap. so random and so offasty perfect!

the Office is getting pretty popular so it is hard not to worry about it jumping the ever elusive shark but if last night is any indication of the season, there is gonna be some good old fashioned fun on the tube Thursdays!