Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fairy Tale Sunday

What is it about stress that can make your body feel like shit? After many days of worry and nerves, my body felt like it had been run over by a dump truck. Luckily, I spent 1/2 of Saturday resting up with movies and enjoying a rainy day inside with lots o' tea.

Sunday we had out of this world beautiful Fall weather with bright sun, a crisp wind and a bluer than blue sky with whiter than white perfectly puffy clouds.

Margot and I took a walk at Shelburne Farms where the landscapes are awestriking. It felt like time had stopped and begun to rewind.

After a couple of minutes striding through the empty woods at a fast pace, the tension of my people-filled weekend began to drain out of me. The shores of the lake were so windy that it felt like standing on the edge of an angry sea. It was warm and glorious in the sun and dark and nippy in the woods.

Soon all the clouds in my head had blown away and I felt clear, calm and collected. Nothing like a trip back in time to make me feel better. I guess I am just an introverted person who needs to recharge my batteries in the wide open, people-free, outdoor spaces with visions of fairytales floating through my head...

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