Sunday, September 03, 2006

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"I'm just a normal, functioning member of the human race and there's no way anyone can prove otherwise." - Mark, Peep Show

As is my custom (I'm so predictable!), DBC27, The Peep Show September episode took many, many hours of late night snipping and one final all-night whirlwind editing push to squeeze it out the door. Even though I have two months to work on this one hour show, I always end up waiting 'til the last minute and racing against the clock to get it to VCAM on time.

"Dance a death clock dance all over my hopes and dreams..." says Mark of Peep Show.

Not so much cause I think anyone will actually watch it tonight (except for perhaps work-shy freeloaders and tight-fisted cock-munchers), but because I am sick of working on it. If I had one more week with this bloody bugger, my obsessive compulsive disorder would force me to snip away at it against my better judgement.

And I have better things to do with what is left of my Labor Day weekend - such as, get totally pissed and off my tits (did I use that right Jez?)!

And remember, as Jez says, "You can't be depressed when you're pissed, it's not possible."

The Deadbeat Club
The Peep Show, Episode 27, September 2006
Channel 15, Fridays 11:30-12:30pm. Sundays 9-10pm


WARNING: There is CUSSING (there was too much to cut and it just didn't seem fair) and there are GIRLIE PICS (no exposed nipples but if you abhor the female form, do not tune in!)

Mom's Lakeside Q & A in which she channels the Dali Lami or some other such Cognitively Hyper-Aware Creature to tell us how to be happy - finally!

Deadbeat Update featuring drunk celebs full of unrestrained hatred a la Mel Gibson and Katie the Zombie Holmes loose in Cruise's Dawn of the Dead's shopping mall

Clive Owen demostrates his patented "Look of Love" which is sure to win you fellers some luvin' from the ladies

Art Beat in which Bunny Yeager's sexy pin up girl photos of scantily clad girls entice and excite to the montage tunes of Echo & The Bunnymen

Pin up pics that Eva took of herself - *cough * VAIN!*

Dixie Evans, former burlesque dancer, gives us a tour of Exotic World and gives us the history of the strip tease

Herb van der Poll, local rock-star-about-town and Mike Crandell, Pure Pop owner, go on a trip to the sunny City of Angels - this is Part 1 of what is sure to be a very long and tantalizing serial which will involve much driving and Herb VO

FINALLY! The grande finale! After many, many months without any babes, the Babes of the Month are back and they are better than ever (thanks to Herb and Tanner for this one).

Mark and Jez are a couple of deadbeat losers looking for love and good times in all the wrong places and talking some good smack along the way. Peep Show is a British comedy with snarky, biting wit and lines that will make you laugh so hard your sides will hurt. This is a long segment who cares? How can you shorten such genius??

And for the BOTM montage, New Order provides the perfect complement to our cussing boys. See video below:

Enjoy the show! If I am lucky, I will have woken up in time to watch it! I know specially featured lovebirds Herb and Tanner will be watching...

"Blah, blah, blah, blah Mark, nothing means anything, it's all just shit! The whole thing: games, snacks, fires, man, woman, love, cause we're all gonna end up in the cold, dark ground and that's all there is to it, ok?" Jez, the Philosopher of Peep Show

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