Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Weird Al is White-n-Nerdy

That's right, Weird Al Yankovic is NOT dead as you might have thought. He is, in fact, still cranking out the tunes and making high production value vids like this one which chronicle the lives of many of us white nerds. Kevin Federline, eat your heart out cause "I edit Wikipedia." I have to admit, I own a cassette tape of Weird Al and am surprised by how much cuter he looks with a nerd haircut and specs. Just goes to prove my theory that everyone looks better in nerd guise, yep:


casey said...

Terrif. Only thing is, these days I run the risk of not knowing the song he's parodying. The pop charts are a Godforsaken wasteland upon which I rarely tread.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

i have NO idea what he is parodying. i am probably even less familiar with this wasteland than you. but i think weird al makes a super cute nerd! ;)