Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Swiss Kick Ass!

Take that America, the good ol'dull as dirt Swiss have kicked your ass in the one area that hurts you the most, your pocket book! According to a new report:

The United States fell to sixth place in the World Economic Forum's 2006 global competitiveness rankings, ceding the top place to Switzerland, as macroeconomic concerns eroded prospects for the world's largest economy. - Reuters

What can I say, we Swiss may be a little bland, old fashioned and tight with our money but in the long run, the hard working, cheese-consuming inch worm truly DOES beat the overweight, war-hungry, debt-heavy rabbit! Haw hAw! We would rejoice from the rooftops but, as Swiss people are a humble sort, we will just snicker quietly to ourselves while taking the cows out to pasture. Better luck next time USA!

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